Mythili Sivaraman: An Interview

Published By: Gnanabhanu Visual Media | Published Date: 1999

First published in 1999, this video interview of Mythili Sivraman, who was vice president All India Democratic Women's Association, with Gnani, Tamil journalist with English subtitles.Mythily speaks about the early formative influences of her growing up years in India and her university years in America in the 1960's that shaped her decision to choose political activism with the communist party and trade union and women's movements. Mythily was unique insofar as she had a decade and a half's experience of organizing industrial workers in Chennai city and leading some of the major trade union strikes of the 1970s in Tamil Nadu before she turned to the women's movement. In the video, she also shares her views of Indian women's movements and their possible future trajectories in India, as she saw it at the turn of the century. [All rights All India Democratic Women's Association.]

Author(s): Gnani Gnani | Posted on: Jun 04, 2018 | Views()

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