China-ASEAN Relations: Consensus on Principles, Differences on Specifics

Published By: Asia Pacific Bulletin | Published Date: October, 31 , 2013

ASEAN, for China, is the focal point for Chinese diplomacy with Southeast Asian countries. Beyond ASEAN, China’s overall relations with Russia, Central Asia and most South Asian countries are relatively stable. It is, however, China’s bilateral relationships with some individual ASEAN countries, and Japan, that have experienced problems for almost three years because of differences over historical issues and territorial disputes. Differences of opinion have also surfaced between China and the United States over these issues. Indeed, China’s political influence with some of its ASEAN and Northeast Asian neighbors has diminished over the past three years, even as its trade and economic ties with many countries in Asia continue to grow.

Author(s): Chaobing Qiu | Posted on: Nov 29, 2013 | Views(768) | Download (157)

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