Potential Role in Corporate Governance by Employees of Asian Enterprises

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: April, 01 , 2003

Large publicly-held corporations or business groups in developing Asian economies are typically controlled (and managed) by families, and tend to suffer from poor corporate governance. Even though serious reform efforts are underway in the crisis-hit Asian countries along the Anglo-American model, it would likely take time for the model to take root in these economies. Any newly transplanted system needs local adaptation and setting complementary institutions in place for its proper functioning. [DBI Research Policy Brief No. 7] URL: [http://www.adbi.org/files/2003.04.rpb07.corporate.governance.pdf]

Author(s): Sang-Woo Nam | Posted on: Mar 29, 2011 | Views(606) | Download (56)

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