Medico Friend Circle Bulletin 363-364 (Jan/Feb 2015)

Published By: Medico Friend Circle | Published Date: February, 01 , 2015

This special issue on mental health was put together for the Annual Meet of the Medico Friend Circle at Pune. Contents - Power to Label: the Social Construction of Madness by Prateeksha Sharma (1); The Discriminatory Standards of Constructing ‘Patienthood’ of the ‘Mentally Ill’ by Bhargavi V Davar (5); Mental Health, Human Rights and Law by Amita Dhanda (10); Coping and Recovery from a Community Perspective by Tasneem Raja (13); Does Community Mental Health Really Engage the Community? by Shubha Ranganathan (17); Mental illness: Diverse Perspectives, Partial Truths and Imperfect Solutions by K. S. Jacob (22); Mental Health Budgets by Ravi Duggal (26); Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Relation to Mental Illness by Sathyasree Goswami (27); Personal Resilience: the Missing Link in Improving Well-being among by Youth Gracy Andrew (29); Unmodified ECT: Challenging the Call to Continue an Inhumane Practice by Dr Jayasree Kalathil (33); Response to Bagchi and Chaudhuri – Suicide and the Law in India (36); Pebbles from a Lonely Beach by Jagannath Chatterjee (38); Healing as the Archaeology of the Self by A A (40); A Dalit Poet and Death by Gogu Shyamala (43); Critical Perspectives on the NIMH Initiative (46); Ignoring for bliss by Adithya Pradyumna (47).

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