Monetary Policy Strategies in the Asia and Pacific Region: What Way Forward?

Published By: ADBI on eSS | Published Date: February, 08 , 2010

Monetary policy frameworks in the Asia and Pacific region have performed well in the past decade as judged by inflation outcomes. We argue that this is due to three principal factors: (i) central banks have focused on price stability as the primary objective of monetary policy, (ii) institutional setups have been put in place that are supportive of the central banks’ abilities to carry out their objectives, and (iii) economic policies in general have been supportive of the pursuit of price stability, in particular the adoption of prudent fiscal policies that have reduced concerns of fiscal dominance. [ADBI Working Paper 195]

Author(s): Andrew Filardo, Hans Genberg | Posted on: Nov 08, 2010 | Views(762) | Download (570)

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