Making it Happen: Technology, Finance and Statistics for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific:Asia-Pacific Regional MDGs Report 2014/15

Published By: ESCAP, ADB, UNDP | Published Date: May , 2015

This is a historic year: the end of 2015 is the target date for the Millennium Development Goals. Since 2001, governments across Asia and the Pacific have been striving to meet ambitious goals that aimed to improve the lives of more than half the world’s people. As this report points out, mostly the news is good. The reportassesses the state of progress on the MDGs, but then considers how we can move towards the SDGs. The report is based on a series of Asia-Pacific consultations with governments, civil society and academia. These meetings focused on “implementation” - on how we can embark on this new agenda and do so in an inclusive way that extends the benefits of development to the most marginalized groups and regions.

Author(s): Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific ESCAP, Asian Development Bank Institute, United Nations Development Programme UNDP | Posted on: May 31, 2015 | Views() | Download (222)

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