Three Blind Men and an Elephant: The Case of Energy Indices to Measure Energy Security and Sustainability

Published By: IGIDR on eSS | Published Date: July, 01 , 2014

An 'Energy Index', which is aggregated from energy indicators is a rich source of information and is helpful in providing an assessment of a country's performance. This has, however, resulted in mushrooming of a plethora of indices, which claim to quantify the performance of a country in attaining the goal of energy security and energy sustainability. The paper attempts to compare three different indices, viz., 'Energy Sustainability Index', 'International Index of Energy Security Risk', 'Energy Architecture Performance Index' and their variants to establish whether they provide consistent rankings for various countries.

Author(s): Kapil Narula, B. Sudhakara Reddy | Posted on: Jul 24, 2014 | Views(411) | Download (427)

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