Climate Change, Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (focus on Food Security) in Asia-Pacific Region

Published By: IGIDR on eSS | Published Date: August, 16 , 2011

The objective of this paper is to identify climate change related threats and vulnerabilities associated with agriculture as a sector and agriculture as people’s livelihoods (exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity). The paper analyses the connections between the nature of human action as drivers of threats as well as opportunities for sustainable agriculture and better human development outcomes. Broadly, it examines the impact of climate change on rural livelihoods, agriculture, food security. It discusses the options for adaptation and mitigation and requirements for implementation at local, national and international level of these measures. [WP-2011-014]. URL:[]

Author(s): S. Mahendra Dev | Posted on: Aug 17, 2011 | Views(875) | Download (985)

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