Improving Rice Production and Commercialization in Cambodia - Findings from a Farm Investment Climate Assessment

Published By: Asian Development Bank Institute | Published Date: September, 01 , 2014

In 2010, Cambodia outlined a plan aimed at developing its rice sector into a major rice exporting country. The rice sector was chosen due to comparative advantages in land, perceptions of significant unmet potential, and ability of sectoral growth to accelerate poverty reduction and improvements in the welfare of the poorest and least well-off in Cambodia. By early 2014, Cambodia had made significant progress in increasing its rice exports. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. This study uses a new farm investment climate assessment (ICA) survey to identify key areas of the investment climate that are important for increasing rice production and commercialization of small farms.

Author(s): Asian Development Bank Institute | Posted on: Mar 18, 2016 | Views() | Download (149)

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