Financial Inclusion, Financial Regulation, Financial Literacy, and Financial education in the Kyrgyz Republic

Published By: Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) | Published Date: July, 05 , 2018

This paper discusses recent developments in financial inclusion and financial literacy in Kyrgyz Republic. While financial inclusion is considered one of the key drivers of today’s development, it is quite new to Kyrgyz Republic. The first attempts to introduce the notion of financial inclusion arose after a violent power shift in 2010. The economy experienced an overall decline, the banking sector shrank, and financial intermediation slowed down. The National Bank introduced a number of regulatory measures to tighten the supervision of financial sector and increase consumer protection. Some of the efforts have worked well: the banking sector has rebounded, savings have been mobilized, and financial markets have started developing.

Author(s): Savia Hasanova | Posted on: Jul 19, 2018 | Views() | Download (164)

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