Feminist Economics of Trade: Reflections on the Indian Manufacturing Sector

Published By: FGS on eSS | Published Date: March, 14 , 2011

This paper examines the socio-economic condition of women in India. The paper begins by delving into different forms of violence faced by women in India, giving special attention to the work sphere and the political economic order, in order to give a backdrop to the following discussion. The second section attempts to explain various economic theories from a feminist perspective, in a manner understandable by activists new to the discourse on economic liberalisation. This section also contains a critique of mainstream economic theories and points to their gender-deficiency from a feminist perspective. The third section examines the complex relationship between the social and cultural constructs of society and their linkages with an increasingly neo-liberal political economic system [FGS Report]. URL:[http://www.focusweb.org/sites/www.focusweb.org/files/occ10.pdf].

Author(s): Susana Barria, Purnima Ramanujan | Posted on: Nov 09, 2011 | Views(464) | Download (673)

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