Access, Equity and Inclusion : Ethical Norms and S&T Policy Outcomes

Published By: RIS | Published Date: May, 01 , 2015

In our research on science policy and inclusion and ethics in S&T policy we identified that in the Indian context Access, Equity and Inclusion (AEI) can be the norms to assess the policy outcomes and measure the impacts of policy and outcomes. Measuring inclusion and exclusion as outcomes of economic policies has been pursued by economists while social inclusion and exclusion as an idea has gained attention in the recent years in the wake of concerns over increasing inequalities and their consequences. Besides governments, agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank and UN agencies have initiated research on measuring social inclusion and exclusion and development of relevant indicators.

Author(s): Krishna Ravi Srinivas, Sachin Chaturvedi | Posted on: Jan 21, 2016 | Views()

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