Euthanasia Regime: A Comparative Analysis of Dutch and Indian Positions

Published By: The West Bengal National University of Juridical S | Published Date: March, 01 , 2011

Euthanasia has always been in limelight as a subject matter of debate in the field of medicine and law. The euthanasia debate, being a value debate, seems to have no concrete solution, at least in the years to come. The ethical considerations surrounding euthanasia in different states have influenced tremendously in taking a legal position on the subject in the states. Netherlands is said to have taken a lead in advocating for personal autonomy by giving legal recognition to euthanasia. In the absence of legislation, the status of euthanasia in most other states remains at flux. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a complete prohibition on euthanasia in such states. With this basic premise, the present article makes a comparison between the Indian position and the Dutch position. The essential argument of the authors in this article is that the Indian position, despite the absence of a specific legislation, is not very much dissimilar to Dutch position.Euthanasia Regime, Indian Positions, Dutch, Limelight, Medicine, Law, Euthanasia Regime, Ethical Consideration, Legal Positions, Advocacy, Personal Autonomy, Legal Recognition, Legislation, Prohibition, Bangladesh

Author(s): Sandeepa Bhat B | Posted on: Feb 20, 2016 | Views() | Download (359)

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