Methods to Investigate the Hydrology of the Himalayan Springs: A Review

Published By: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) | Published Date: June, 01 , 2016

This paper reviews the methods that investigate the hydrology of springs, with a focus on the Himalayan region. The methods are classified as field-based empirical and desk-based analytical. Field-based empirical methods help to characterize geology, hydrology, climate and landuse patterns. Desk-based analytical methods guide quantification of fluxes and responses across watersheds, which are potential inputs to the development of hydrogeological maps, quantification of water balances, conceptualization of processes that control or influence the movement and storage of groundwater, and development of a mathematical model, which may guide further sustainable development of water resources.

Author(s): Pennan Chinnasamy, Sanmugam A. Prathapar | Posted on: Jun 27, 2018 | Views() | Download (329)

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