Beyond Market Access: Trade-related Measures for the Least Developed Countries. What Strategy?

Published By: Department of Economic & Social Affairs | Published Date: December, 01 , 2011

This paper assesses the effectiveness of non-tariff special and differential treatment (SDT) offered exclusively to the least developed countries by WTO agreements. SDTs are inefficient in at least four aspects. First, they are not easily accessed as they require a certain level of institutional capacity. Second, when accessible they either need to be complemented by other policy interventions or are offset by measures taken elsewhere. Third, some do not respond to LDC needs. Fourth, many are too vaguely defined to provide concrete benefits. Effectiveness can be enhanced by increased LDC ownership and improved policy coherence by trading and development partners.

Author(s): Ana Cortez | Posted on: Jan 11, 2016 | Views() | Download (157)

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