Cleanliness and Sanitation: Underlying Constraints in India

Published By: eSocialSciences | Published Date: February, 24 , 2015

Open defecation and improper garbage disposal are a reality of public spaces in India, not just due to poverty or a lack of initiative on the government, but social acceptance of attitudes which disregard the necessity of public cleanliness. This spills over into lower levels of educational achievements, which in turn slows down demographic transition and the persistence of not-so-desirable health indicators responsible for significant negative externalities (which may include the lack of cleanliness in public spaces), and ultimately leads to a cycle of under-development. A combination of government policies and technology based solutions must be put in place to inculcate the need for hygienic and sanitary habits in every section of Indian society.

Author(s): Poorva Awasthi, Shashank Khare, V. Santhakumar | Posted on: Feb 24, 2015 | Views() | Download (320)

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