India and an Indian village: 50 years of economic development in Palanpur

Published By: Asia Research Centre (ARC) | Published Date: January, 01 , 2011

The analysis of the paper begins in the next section by setting out broad economic changes in India as key context for change in Palanpur, with a particular focus on the three drivers set out above; section 3 provides a corresponding description on these dimensions for Palanpur. The fourth section examines agriculture and tenancy. It looks at cultivation, assets and outputs in agriculture. And it provides a snapshot of changes in tenancy over the last 25 years, including comparisons of productivity on tenanted and non-tenanted land. Changes in tenancy structures seem to reflect a growing integration into the broader economy. In section 5, we provide an early analysis of that integration of Palanpur into the Indian economy, focusing on work outside Palanpur and the radical change in the share of non-farm income in overall income in Palanpur over the last 25 years. The sixth section provides an initial discussion of health, nutrition and gender and the seventh a preliminary examination of institutions and politics in Palanpur. In conclusion we indicate how, based on this early analysis, further work can proceed.

Author(s): Himanshu Prof, Nicholas Stern | Posted on: Feb 29, 2016 | Views() | Download (174)

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