How Acute is Skill Scarcity in Indian Manufacturing ? Emerging Contours

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This paper investigates the nature of skill formation in Indian Manufacturing. Discussing household, personal, and labour market characteristics of manufacturing employment in India, the study discusses the linkage between educational attainment, technical training, and vocational training on select labour market outcomes such as wage, formal employment, and occupational structure. The core objective of this paper is to outline the emerging contours of skills availability or shortages in the contemporary Indian labour market. The unit of analysis of the study is employed person in manufacturing. We use unit records of National Sample Survey 68th Round on employment and unemployment for the analysis. To delineate effectively the linkage between skill and labour market outcomes like wage and formal employment, we examine determinants of wage by specifying wage as a function of age, education, vocational and technical qualifications, household, personal, and labour market characteristics

Author(s): G.D Bino Paul | Posted on: Oct 10, 2017 | Views() | Download (169)

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