A Survey on Impact of Social Media on Election System

Published By: International Journal of Computer Science and Info | Published Date: January, 01 , 2014

Social media is the primary resource for the information retrieval. Using the text mining field; huge amount of unstructured textual data collected by social media can be converted and displayled as user relations in real time. Given its popularity, social media could be used as an influential channel for opinion leading, including agenda-setting and public opinion formation. The present research paper studies the importance of use and rise of social media in the arena of Indian politics and its impact in general and political participation by the general public. First the study is to examine for rise of social media as a medium to reach voters. Secondly impact of people using social media during election campaign on poll results.

Author(s): Nilesh Alone, Gayatri Wani | Posted on: Apr 28, 2016 | Views()

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