Socio-Economic Impact of Mobile Phones on Indian Agriculture

Published By: ICRIER on eSS | Published Date: February, 03 , 2010

This paper investigates a series of questions that explore this topic: What kind of information do farmers value the most to improve agricultural productivity? Do mobile phones and mobile-enabled agricultural services have an impact on agriculture? What are the factors that impede the realisation of the full productivity enhancing potential of mobile phones? The answers to these questions have important implications for mobile operators, for information service providers, and for policymakers. The quality of information, its timeliness and trustworthiness are the three important features that have to be ensured to enable farmers to use it effectively to improve productivity. [ICRIER WP No. 246].

Author(s): Surabhi Mittal, Sanjay Gandhi, Gaurav Tripathi | Posted on: Mar 03, 2010 | Views(1268) | Download (808)

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