The Impact of the Commonwealth Games 2010 on Urban Development of Delhi -An Analysis with a Historical Perspective from Worldwide Experiences and the 1982 Asian Games

Published By: NIUA on eSS | Published Date: December, 23 , 2006

The paper raises some hard questions that need to be answered before one can conclude that events such as Common Wealth Games has a positive effect on the host community. Can the financial requirements for such an event be possible to generate? Some other questions that arise out of such events, with particular relevance in this paper, is its impact on the urban scenario. Will the event lead to rampant and unchecked development, possibly unplanned? Will the infrastructure created be beneficial post-event or will it remain under utilised? Will the city’s infrastructure be able to bear the strain of additional visitors that flood the city during such an event? Will the event prove to be a hindrance to the city’s residents during the event? [Working paper No. 06- 12].

Author(s): Vinayak Uppal, Debjani Ghosh | Posted on: Mar 23, 2010 | Views(1843) | Download (1171)

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