Determinants of Fixed Investment:A Study of Indian Private Corporate Manufacturing Sector

Published By: CDS on eSS | Published Date: March, 16 , 2005

This paper analyses the determinants of fixed investment in the Indian Private Corporate Manufacturing sector for the period 1973-2002, using Annual Survey of Industries Data. It is argued that economic policy of a nation is crucial in determining the investment behaviour in developing countries rather than the traditional factors like output and profit. Against the background of the financial sector deregulation initiated in India since 1991, this study makes an attempt to analyse whether the traditional factors or the economic policy variables plays a major role in determining investment behaviour. A reduced form equation derived from the neoclassical investment theory is used for the empirical analysis. [Working Paper No. 369]

Author(s): V.R. Prabhakaran Nair | Posted on: Nov 16, 2010 | Views(804) | Download (578)

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