Trade in Environmental Services: Opportunities and Constraints

Published By: ICRIER on eSS | Published Date: August, 04 , 2004

The environment industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last two decades. Industry surveys in the mid- 1990s had estimated that the global environment industry revenue would increase from US$ 469 billion in 1997 to US$ 600 billion by 2010, representing an average annual rate of growth at 5 per cent. In 2000, the global environment industry was estimated to have revenue of US$ 55 billion, of which the environmental market was valued at about US$ 280 billion. [WTO Research Series No. 3] URL: []

Author(s): Rupa Chanda, Aparna Sawhney | Posted on: Feb 04, 2011 | Views(730) | Download (99)

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