Picking the Winner: Measuring Urban Sustainability in India

Published By: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, I | Published Date: July , 2016

This study provides a snapshot of the sustainability of selected Indian cities by employing 57 indicators in four dimensions to develop an overall city sustainability index. In recent years, its complexity has made 'urban sustainability' a prominent concept. Urban areas propel growth and at the same time pose a lot of ecological, social and infrastructural problems and risks. High population density and continuous in-migration among developing countries created the highest risk in natural and man-made disasters. These issues and the inability of policy-makers in providing basic services make the cities unsustainable. The objective of the paper is to develop a city performance index (CPI) to measure and evaluate the urban regions in terms of sustainable performance. The paper uses benchmark approach to measure the cumulative performance of the 25 largest Indian cities based on economic, environmental, social and institutional dimensions. [WP-2016-021].

Author(s): B.Sudhakara Reddy | Posted on: Aug 29, 2016 | Views() | Download (452)

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