People-to-People Partnership in Asia Africa Growth Corridor: Historical and Cultural Linkages

Published By: Research and Information System for Developing Cou | Published Date: December, 07 , 2017

People-to-People Partnership (PPP) is an important and inevitable mode of interactions in the sphere of international relations. In any kind of developmental, diplomatic and cultural interactions and relationships, the interests of the people are important. The AAGC is an important attempt in the area of South-South Cooperation. The conventional approaches in the study of history have focussed only on some parts of the world, while ignoring the history of Africa and many regions of Asia. For example, a survey of the history syllabi of the academic courses across many Asian regions would reveal that there is more focus on other parts of the world, mainly the Western World, while completely ignoring Africa. The historical and cultural linkages between Africa and Asia have been very old and vibrant; but these connections have been forgotten because of the limitations of perceptions and outlook. This paper briefly outlines the historical linkages in the region of Asia and Africa and offers some thoughts for positive People-to-People Partnership as part of AAGC.

Author(s): V. Selvakumar | Posted on: Mar 15, 2018 | Views()

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