Human Development in Telangana State: District Profiles

Published By: CESS on eSS | Published Date: December , 2015

Telangana emerged as the 29th state of the Indian Union from undivided Andhra Pradesh after a prolonged struggle for statehood for nearly six decades. The social structure in Telangana is uniquely skewed towards socially marginalized sections-backward classes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes and religious minority groups- which constitute 85 percent of the state population. Social backwardness often converges with economic backwardness and low human development. Civil society in Telangana state is active with high awareness of socio-economic and political issues due to its active participation in various social movements, especially the prolonged movement for statehood.

Author(s): Center for Economic and Social Studies CESS | Posted on: Mar 31, 2016 | Views()

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