Switched On: Youth at the Heart of Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific

Published By: UNESCAP | Published Date: December, 31 , 2015

Asia and the Pacific is home to 60 per cent of the global population aged 15 to 24 years. Across this geographically, politically, socially, culturally and economically expansive region, youth are a very diverse group. While some youth live in rural and urban areas with limited education and employment opportunities, others are leading their lives in areas with world class education and labour market facilities. From ethnic and linguistic differences to the practising of all of the world’s main religions, the region’s heterogeneity provides challenges in terms of tailor-made interventions, yet also opportunities with regard to a wealth of experience to share and choose from. This report seeks to contextualize challenges related to youth development and proposes recommendations from a broader perspective. To promote overarching policy direction in order to support youth development in Asia and the Pacific, the following actions are proposed: prepare for future demographic implications; enhance institutional capacity and engender good governance; promote social dialogue and political commitment and strengthen the evidence base for more effective policymaking. The report also endeavours to promote understanding of and action on youth issues as they feature in the categories of people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

Author(s): United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific | Posted on: Jan 28, 2016 | Views()

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