Report of the Expert Group for Modernizaion of Indian Railways

Published By: Ministry of Railways on eSS | Published Date: February, 14 , 2012

There is in urgent need for modernization and generational Change need to be done in the Indian railways to assure safety, improve productivity, take advantage of advanced technology, respond to ever increasing demand and meet inclusive growth aspirations of the country. In order to prepare a plan the Expert Group had a series of consultations with the Railway Board, domain experts, Industry leaders, Labor leaders, Planning Commission and others. A five pronged strategy related to Core assets, New revenue models, Projects, Enablers and Resource mobilization. Focus was also on 15 key areas related to Tracks, Signaling, Stations and Terminals, PPP, Land, Dedicated Freight Corridors, Information and Communication Technology, Indigenous development, Safety, Funding, Human Resource and Organization. It is important to keep in mind that Safety and Modernization are two faces of the same coin. In order to make Railway safe it needs to be modernized and to modernize it is to make it not only efficient and productive but also safe. [Ministry of Railways Report]. URL:[].

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