Budget 2014-15: The Continuing Neglect of the 'Rural'

Published By: eSocialSciences | Published Date: July, 31 , 2014

The Union Budget remains significant for the agricultural sector in the country for at least the following two reasons. First, the budget comes in the background of an agrarian crisis in the country, persistent since the late nineties, which also coincided with the period of a policy thrust on export-oriented agriculture and competitiveness of Indian farmers in global markets.. Secondly, this budget comes from a changed political scenario, which was the result of rising aspiration of the citizens demanding change in the system.The latest budget by the new government offers certain initiatives but fails to address the impending agrarian crisis.

Author(s): Arindam Banerjee | Posted on: Aug 04, 2014 | Views(1051) | Download (727)

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