Madras Cafe: A Timely Interrogation

Published By: Groundview on eSS | Published Date: September, 10 , 2013

The film, MAdras Cafe, offers us an opportunity to revisit memory and ask important questions as to what happened in the early years of the civil war in Sri Lanka. An introspection that is necessary if we are to move forward after the end of the war. Though studded with glaring inconsistencies, selective historical facts and grand conspiracy theories, the film is more importantly an event around which we can facilitate this reconstruction of history. It provides a creative platform for this negotiation to take place, allowing a recovery of our forgotten past.

Author(s): Aaranya Rajasingam | Posted on: Sep 13, 2013 | Views(900)
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Madras Cafe: A timely interrogation (via Ground Views)

“There are events, facts from history” and according to the director Shoojit Sircar his film Madras Cafe (2013) is “fiction inspired from fact”.[1] And while the director claims that his film is not biased in any way and is “adapted from history…

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