Lessons from PPPs of Indian Railways and Way Forward

Published By: IIM-A on eSS | Published Date: August, 23 , 2010

The Indian Railways (IR) have grand plans. They would like to leapfrog to a higher growth trajectory during 2010-20. Towards this, they would like to see a total investment of Rs 14,00,000 crores (cr), as stated in the Vision 2020, brought out by the Ministry of Railways (MoR) in December 2009. With whatever level of optimistic projections for the internal resources and borrowings for the coming decade, clearly, PPPs would have to be a significant source. This makes it imperative for the IR to create a policy framework that would attract PPPs, especially in the context that the PPPs in IR have not taken off as projected. [W.P. No. 2010-08-02]

Author(s): G. Raghuram, Rachna Gangwar | Posted on: Sep 23, 2010 | Views(948) | Download (3228)

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