Tackling Malnutrition: What can Targeted Nutritional Interventions Achieve?

Published By: CDS on eSS | Published Date: August, 16 , 1987

A key queestion is: which groups should receive priority in a situation of constrained resources? Ideally the twin dangers of leaving out malnourished groups from the purview of the policy, and covering people who are not malnourished, are t o be avoided. In practice, the policy analyst has t o decide which of these errors to minimise, since attempts to reduce one are likaly t o exacerbate the other. The problem c a l l s for a more c a r e f u l delineation of the objectives and approaches t o targeting than has been h i t h e r t o done. [Working Paper No. 225]. URL:[http://www.cds.edu/].

Author(s): Gopalakrishna Kumar, Frances Stewart | Posted on: Aug 17, 2011 | Views(913) | Download (119)

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