The Other Side of Indian Demographics: Accelerating Growth in Ageing and its Challenges

Published By: Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) on eSS | Published Date: 2014

A primary survey of older adults was conducted in seven rapidly ageing states including Odisha, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala (Alam et al. 2012). This policy brief highlights a few important findings of the surveythe survey suggests clustering of older Indians in relatively younger age cohorts. Almost two-thirds of the aged in the study areas (62%) are in the 60-69 year age group. This indicates that the ageing scenario in India is still in its formative stages and, therefore, the government has a window of opportunity to blueprint its ageing policies and implementation mechanism. [Policy Brief 7/2014].

Author(s): Moneer Alam, Pratima Yadav | Posted on: May 25, 2016 | Views() | Download (465)

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