Agricultural Research and Productivity Growth in India

Published By: International Food Policy Research Institute | Published Date: January, 01 , 1999

This research report, which examines the effects of research and development on productivity in India, finds that India is still benefiting from these investments. The report shows that the public benefits from private research can be substantial, indicating that private firms capture only part of the real value of improved inputs through higher prices. Evenson, Pray, and Rosegrant argue that barriers to technology transfer should be removed in order to stimulate technology transfer and growth. The report finds that during 1977–87, the period when the results in regions that adopted high- yielding varieties early on could be expected to taper off, TFP growth was 50 per cent higher than before the Green Revolution and 17 per cent higher than in the early years of the Green Revolution, indicating that gains are far from over

Author(s): Robert E Evenson, Carl E Pray, Mark W. Rosegrant | Posted on: Apr 29, 2014 | Views(756)

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