Ad(d)venture with Knowledge: Stepping ahead with Intellectual Property Rights

Published By: University Grants Commission, UGC on eSS

Human society has witnessed adventure with knowledge resulting in scientific understanding of the secrets of nature and converting them into technological innovations resulting in metamorphosis of our lifestyles and living. The unprecedented Mind-Machine interface has placed society on a discontinuous trajectory to a future limited only by human imagination and ability to convert then into reality. Societal progress is catalysed by competitiveness resulting from effective overlapping domains of knowledge, creativity, vision and action leading to innovations for rapid diffusion in public domain. As well-springs of human resource and knowledge our universities with the educational institutions not only have to uphold their primary mission of excellence but also organically nurture the spirit of venture to create responsible partners in the value chain for societal growth. [UGC Lecture series].

Author(s): Prabuddha Ganguli | Posted on: Jun 30, 2016 | Views() | Download (361)

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