Return of Diasporas: India’s Growth Story vs. Global Crisis

Published By: Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs Research Unit | Published Date: January, 01 , 2013

The Indian Diaspora has a powerful influence on the global community where Indians constitute a diverse and a heterogeneous group that shares Indian origin and intrinsic values. Earlier migration was associated with the exodus of low-skilled labourers whereas it now relates more to the emigration of highly skilled workers, professionals, students, etc. The migration of skilled labour in pursuit of better career prospects and living standards started after Indian Independence and gathered momentum with the emigration of IT professionals in the 1990s. The concept of the brain drain has always been widely discussed, but recent trends show a movement in the opposite direction! Many professionals are returning to their homeland leading to a brain gain.

Author(s): Saramma Panicker, Shibani Ghosh, V Kurusu | Posted on: Jan 19, 2016 | Views()

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