Inter-Regional Comparisons of Humanitarian Action

Published By: RSIS Centre for NTS Studies | Published Date: February, 22 , 2015

Throughout the conference it became clear that there are two emerging trends in humanitarian action across the Asia–Pacific. The first is the increasing activity of selected Asia-Pacific states engaged in international humanitarian action across the region. The second is the divergence between local conditions and national action. This divergence was identified as customary approaches to humanitarian action diverging from national policy to become an important promoter of international humanitarianism on the one hand, to the severe local capacity issues facing national disaster management to implement strategy on the other hand. The conference highlighted the importance of greater dialogue to share experiences, as well as forms of cooperation, coexistence and collaboration amongst actors across and between these different levels of governance in humanitarian affairs. It became clear that no single stakeholder can address the multitude of needs that emerge in humanitarian crises. It is therefore vital that stakeholders work together where possible in the preparation for and implementation of humanitarian action both as a result of conflicts and natural hazards.

Author(s): Celina Yulo Loyzaga, Zin Bo Htet, Vishalini Chandara Sagar | Posted on: Jun 09, 2016 | Views()

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