A Leading Index for the Indian Economy

Published By: CDE on eSS | Published Date: March, 01 , 2001

Over the last few decades, the Indian economy has experienced both classical business cycles and the cyclical fluctuations in its growth rate known as growth rate cycles. In the years since the liberalization of the economy began, these cycles have been driven more by endogenous factors than by exogenous shocks. From the point of view of both policy-makers and businesses, therefore, it is important to find a way to predict Indian recessions and recoveries, along with slowdowns and speedups in growth. This paper adopts a classical leading indicator approach to the problem. [Working Paper No. 90]

Author(s): Pami Dua, Anirvan Banerji | Posted on: Oct 01, 2010 | Views(1069) | Download (780)

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