Early Lessons from the Process to Enhance Understanding of Loss and Damage in Bangladesh

Published By: International Centre for Climate Change and Develo | Published Date: November, 01 , 2013

This document is the culmination of a process that unfolded over two years in Bangladesh, which benefitted from contributions from individuals and organisations too numerous to mention by name here. However, the authors would like to recognise the extensive contributions and significant dedication of the many researchers who undertook the research work and participated in the stakeholder process, including Professor Ainun Nishat, Dr. M. Asaduzzaman, Dr. Mizan R. Khan, Dr. Enamel Haque, Dr. Nabiul Islam, Mr. Monir Qamar, Mr. Nandan Mukherjee, Mr. Hafijul Islam Khan, Professor Abdullah al Faruque, Mr. M. Shamsuddoha and the individuals who worked with them. Special thanks to those who reviewed the papers, including Dr. Roda Verheyen, Mr. Thomas Loster, Ms. Gaby Ramm and Mr. Michael Zissener. We are grateful for the leadership and valuable research undertaken by Dr. Atiq Rahman, Dr. Golam Rabbani, Dr. Dwijen Malick and their team at the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, which helped give a voice to some of those incurring loss and damage in Bangladesh. We are also highly appreciative of the support and collaboration of our partners Sönke Kreft, Sven Harmeling and Lisa Meier of Germanwatch and Koko Warner and Kees van der Geest of United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security Causes and Consequences of Rural-Urban Migration: A Study of Migrant Street Vendors in Dhaka City.

Author(s): Erin Roberts, Saleemul Huq, Anna Hasemann, Stephen Roddick | Posted on: Feb 21, 2016 | Views() | Download (181)

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