Exploring Priority Areas for Philippine APEC 2015 Hosting: Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World

Published By: Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS) | Published Date: November, 01 , 2015

This paper is an integration of the studies commissioned under the DFA-PIDS memorandum of agreement to explore the priority areas during the Philippines' APEC hosting in 2015 under the theme: "Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World". The four priority areas in the APEC 2015 agenda are: enhancing the regional economic integration, fostering SMEs' participation in regional and global markets, investing in human capital development, and building sustainable and resilient communities. Fourteen studies were conducted focusing on major issues under these priority areas. The individual papers look at what are being done under APEC with respect to the priority areas, where we are, our capabilities and weaknesses especially in relation to our neighbors in the region. Equally important, the studies aim as well to contribute and advocate good domestic reforms in the longer term within the national agenda.

Author(s): Erlinda M. Medalla | Posted on: Feb 25, 2016 | Views()

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