From Agropolis to Ecopolis – Heading Towards Regenerative Cities

Published By: UN-Habitat | Published Date: January, 01 , 2016

In this lecture, Stefan Schurig (World Future Council) talks about the vision of regenerative cities as the greening of the urban environment and the protection of nature from urban expansion, and above all else, about the greening of urban systems of production, consumption and construction. Schurig proposes necessities to transform cities into ‘regenerative’ systems. The case studies presented on urban production, consumption and management of energy, waste, food and water are extracted from World Future Council research and the analysis stems from the most recent WFC report on regenerative cities.Dipl. Ing. Stefan Schurig is an architect by training, but has devoted most of his career to energy and climate change issues. Before he started working for the World Future Council (WFC) in 2007 he was the spokesperson for Greenpeace in Germany and headed the Greenpeace Climate and Energy department for nine years. During this time he also co-founded Germany’s second largest green electricity supplier. In 2004 Schurig was appointed as member of the REALISE Forum, an international platform on renewable energy policies led by the European Commission.

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