Board Interlocks and Their Impact on Corporate Governance: The Indian Experience - Coping with Corporate Cholesterol

Published By: IIMA on eSS | Published Date: June, 01 , 2011

Board interlocks and corporate elites are an engaging field of ongoing academic and policy research around the world, especially because of the concentration of economic power in few individuals or entities to the possible detriment of the society at large. With India moving towards a global economic power status and the Indian business sector increasingly growing in importance both in terms of its contribution to the national product and to the country‟s globalization initiatives, such concentration does portend influential impact on the economic and political scene in the country. This study documents the origins, development and potential impact of these developments and also presents preliminary findings of the nature, extent and implications of the increasing power of the corporate elites over the first decade of the current century. URL:[].

Author(s): Bala N Balasubramanian, Samir K Barua, Suresh Bhagavatula, Rejie George | Posted on: Jul 08, 2011 | Views(712) | Download (162)

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