Development of Grassroots and Youth Football in India: Current and Future Opportunities

Published By: Sports Path International | Published Date: November, 01 , 2013

According to the Basketball Federation of India, Basketball is now the fastest-growing sport among boys and girls, with five million participants-which they claim is second only to soccer 2 The Indian Super League will launch in 2013 with Robert Murdoch’s Indian TV company as its media partner. Rupert Murdoch has a track record of being ahead of the curve .His global strategy worldwide with regard to Football has been to purchase media rights where there is an existing or forthcoming strong grassroots football base and on October 22nd 2013 it was announced. “Our objective is nothing short of creating a movement around football in India,” Star India Chief Executive Officer Uday Shankar said in a statement. “We want to put India on the global map.”

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