Can Enlightenment Prevent Auschwitz?

Published By: Manthan India | Published Date: August, 03 , 2018

In this first public lecture under the P M Bhargava Memorial Lecture Series instituted by Sambhavna Trust. Apoorvanand raises the issue that evey society has the germ of an Aushwitz hidden somewhere. After the horror of Auschwitz, the question the children of enlightenment were faced with: how could it happen or be allowed to happen! Could Auschwitz be repeated? Theodore Adorno puts the challenge before humanity very starkly by asking what needed to be done to not let Auschwitz occur again. Is it this to be the task of politics alone? Thinking about the role of education,he said that the prime task of education was to ensure that Auschwitz was not repeated. Can education do it?

Author(s): Apoorvanand Apoorvanand | Posted on: Aug 08, 2018 | Views()
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