Union Budget 2018-19: Allocation for Supplementary Foods for TB patients: How Adequate?

Published By: eSocialsciences, Mumbai, India | Published Date: April, 30 , 2018

The Union Budget takes the long needed step of allocating funds specifically for addressing the nutritional concerns of TB patients, taking note of the considerable evidence of the association between the disease and under-nutrition. But will this allocation be adequate?

Author(s): Brajaraj S Ghosh | Posted on: Apr 30, 2018 | Views() | Download (291)

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Undernourishment, characteristic of poverty, is known since decades to be a principal cause of TB. One rupee dedicated to supplementary foods (milk has no place in this policy) will improve the lot of TB patients more than 100 rupeees spent on deleterious drugs.
by Roland maes, on Apr 30, 2018

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